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Egg drop winners designs

egg drop winners designs

Now all that's left is promo codes for topman 2015 putting everything together.
I think my device ended up with a score of about 430 (more than four times the second place score).
Poke a hole about half a centimeter from the end of roll (I found the x-acto knife worked well here).You may want to test it without the egg first to make sure it spins as it falls.It should be a pretty snug fit.Poke another hole directly opposite this so that the stick can pass all the way through the roll.You can also attach a thread to the top rotor assembly.First get a small ziplock bag and cut the top off (about one third down).If it's working well it should spin gracefully down and land lightly on the springy cardboard cuts.Although some of the restrictions for the classic egg drop project vary, some of the same prinicples found in this design might be applied to your own device.Now find the other half of the roll you cut.This is very helpful if you're not the one dropping.
Once you have all your blades, attach them to the skewers at slight angles.
Where the P-score is equal to the below equation (h being the maximum height survived, m being the mass in grams and V being the volume in cubic centimeters).
If it doesn't check that your blades are all in the correct orientation.
Take the un-modified roll and cut it in half.
Recently my AP Physics class was assigned the egg drop project.
I used electrical tape to attach mine to reduce weight but I'm sure hot glue school vouchers in texas or other kinds of tape would work just as well.Make the whole large enough to fit one of the skewers through.Start by cutting the toilet paper roll length-wise.My project required that the device fit within a 30cm x 30cm footprint but if you're allowed to go bigger, the longer the blades are the more drag they will create giving a better chance of survival for the egg.The winner for our competition was determined based on the highest P-score.There you have the finished product!It's almost time to test.Wrap your egg in the bag and insert it into the top of the device prior to dropping.Make about 1 inch vertical cuts all the way along the perimeter of one of the halves.This attaches the propeller assembly to the base while also allowing you to easily take it off for transporting or checking the egg.Good luck with your egg drop.The materials I used to create my device: 2 toilet paper rolls 1 manila paper folder (any kind of thicker paper would work just as well) 5 yakitori skewers (long thin sticks) 2 straws ziplock bag some thread (optional) tape, tools: hot melt glue gun.Ideally they would be perpendicular to eachother but as long as it's able to support the egg it should be fine.