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Have you ever pleaded no contest

have you ever pleaded no contest

Since most job applications ask about prior felony convictions, many applicants wonder, "If I pleaded no contest to a discount tire blaine wa felony charge, does that count as pleading guilty?
(For more information on plea deals in a criminal case, see our section.
Pleas that are not knowing and intelligent, if a defendant entered into a plea without counsel and did not appear, from a later review of the record, to have made a knowing and intelligent plea, that defendant may have grounds to request that the conviction.Knowing that your employer can potentially find out about your no contest felony conviction even if you answer "no" on your application, you must decide if you want to disclose that information.Questioning by the judge, usually the judge asks the defendant a fairly long list of questions to determine whether the plea is knowing and intelligent.Defendants should also know that, if they are not.S.For their part, defendants normally follow their attorneys advice and avoid upsetting the plea bargaining apple cart by quietly answering yes to all the judges contest pleas are not the same as guilty pleas in court.
For a knowing and intelligent guilty plea to be made, defendants have to: admit the conduct made punishable by the law admit and understand the charges against them know the consequences of the plea (both the sentence as it stands and the possible sentences that.
No applicant should lie on her job application, but there is also no reason to offer up potentially harmful information when it isn't required.
If the job application asks if you've "pleaded guilty to a felony then you may legally answer "no." But keep in mind that your employer may discover your no contest felony conviction through a background check.
Defendants are competent to waive counsel and plead guilty as long as they are capable of understanding the proceedings (.
although they may seem very similar, the two questions are actually very different when it comes to someone who has entered a no contest plea to a felony.You seem to think that there is some advantage in pleading no contest.The court must make an inquiry and determine that there is a basis for the plea but then can accept the plea.Even if the deal seems fair, judges typically engage defendants in a courtroom colloquy, or verbal exchange, to make sure that defendants have committed the offenses to which they are pleading guilty.Particular judges might (rightly or wrongly) take into their calculation whether they remember the defendant from a previous appearance in their courtroom and how they and members of the community feel (especially if the judge is up for reelection) about the crimes in question.In some courts, defendants who are pleading guilty are asked to fill in or sign a form waiving their rights.Weigh Your Options, in addition to asking about your past guilty pleas or convictions, a potential employer may ask you to submit to a background check.The difference is that statements made during the plea of no contest may not be admissible in a civil action, but the resulting conviction is still admissible, whether it came by trial or by plea of guilty or by plea of no contest.Here's what you need to know about dealing with "no contest" pleas on job applications: Read the Exact Language of the Application.If someone is pleading as charged, they can usually plead no contest.Pleading Guilty While Saying You're Innocent.Sometimes, even such whimsy as whether the judge woke up in a good mood or had a rough morning can also have an impact on decisions made that day.