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International obfuscated c code contest

international obfuscated c code contest

If you do gain some understanding of how a program works, go back to the source and reexamine it using some of the techniques outlined can i use love to shop vouchers online at bhs above.
Your lint may detect syntax errors in the source.They were talking together about the horrible code it was their jobs to maintain.2, entries are evaluated anonymously by a panel of judges.Two contest winners generated a list of prime numbers using the C preprocessor "spectacularly according.Winning entries are awarded with a category, such as "Worst Abuse of the.San Jose Mercury News (CA).7, each year, the rules of the contest are published on the ioccc website.Thru the contest I have tried to instill two things in people.J is for jmp_buf, k is for killchar, l is for libc.An example is the world's shortest self-reproducing program.
6, compared with other programming contests, the ioccc is described as "not all that serious".
"Beyond the command line".
Ioccc 2004 - Best abuse of the Periodic table.E is for errno, f is for float, g is for goto.Permission for personal, educational or non-profit use is granted provided this this copyright and notice are included in its entirety and remains unaltered.It must have seemed reasonable at the time.Rules vary from year to year and are posted with a set of guidelines that attempt to convey the spirit of the rules.6, the rules are often deliberately written with loopholes that contestants are encouraged to find and abuse.You may also use the makefile provided to compile the program.Using gcc, compile with the following command line: gcc -traditional-cpp -o.c or gcc -E.c sed 's/- -/-/g'.c ; gcc -o.c (The source file.c) original research?Some C compilers are unable to compile some of these programs."Hacking the contest rules is a tradition".The contest states that being announced on the ioccc website is the award for winning.N) XEvent z; XNextEvent(e, z NXLookupKeysym (.xkey,0)-IT?