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Polaris tail not sweeping

polaris tail not sweeping

This adjustment can be made by hand.
Remove unnecessary pool hardware or install a Ladder Guard Kit (order part #G21).
Problem: Sweep hose is sucked into the vacuum tube.
If there are not, replace the Water Management System ( 28 ) With the Polaris turned off, spin each of the wheels.While the cleaner is operating, hold it upside down and look into the vacuum tube.Question: Why does my Polaris 280 stay in the deep end and never cleans the shallow end of my pool?Solution: Adjust the speed of the sweep hose by tightening the adjustment screw ( 23 ).Like I said though, it is usually because of wrong voltage setup for the problem you describe.This will deflect the water: causing it to spray a distance of no more than 2 feet.There should be at least one hose float every three feet.All wheels should turn together.Pull the hose float out to reduce the climb.To fix this you should empty the bag by removing the bag from the cleaner, opening the back of the bag and then dumping the debris out.
Solution: Check the thrust jet ( 21 ) for 11:00 position that optimizes random bushmaster rebate phone number turning.
Moving the thrust jet to the left will turn the cleaner left and vice versa.
Make sure that the opening at the end of your pool cleaners sweep hose is not blocked by the sweep hose scrubber.If the wheels are all turning together but do not move when the cleaner is running then the problem may be internal.Turn counterclockwise to allow more water thru hose and get more sweeping action.At this time the Polaris Cleaner goes into back-up mode.There should be three distinct, even jets of water.Check the thrust jet ( 21 ) for 11:00 position that optimizes random turning.Unfortunately, once cut, you know what you are doing, hire someone who does.