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Police donut eating contest

police donut eating contest

Stand-Up Comedy Gabriel Iglesias was once pulled over by a cop in a Krispy Kreme parking lot for exiting the wrong way (in his haste to get home and eat up).
Officer Pigeon buys a box early in the episode, but after losing his job due to Eddie and Sleepy's interference, he throws them at the bank robbers to stop them and admits that he doesn't eat them because "they're bad for you".
Used in a teaser for Psych where discount bats nj Gus questions where Shawn managed to find a donut at a crime scene.As Shawn gives less and less probable answers, the camera moves to show a box of donuts that was carried by the covered victim.Agent xiii even notes that donuts are the vice of every law enforcement officer.The Clare Police Department - all nine of them - banded together and bought the bakery, and renamed the joint enterprise "Cops Doughnuts".In that episode, Garfield tries to warn a cop about a bank being robbed.He continues to eat his donut, then realizes, "Oh yeah, I'm a cop!" and goes after them.The store clerk harasses him about.Even Reasonable Authority Figure Chief Vick reacts in horror.
Garfield : Two cops seeing Jon, Garfield and Odie's antics.
Bargearse investigating the theft of ten dozen jam donuts from his lunchbox.
At certain Greasy Spoons, the Hash House Lingo for donuts and coffee is "Cops and Robbers").
As Murph is dying from gunshot wounds sustained in the robbery, Donovan brings him a sprinkled donut.
Stan : What the hell do fast cops have to do with a Krispy Kreme?
Hollywood Homicide : Ruby : Bad cop!
Kenan's parents were arrested by cops who were there as customers.This is all part of his "I'm just a harmless nice guy" facade.(Looking for details about specific events?Subverted in many communities where breakfast tacos are a favorite treat; breakfast tacos also taste delicious with coffee and there are many opportunities to grab a taco anytime, day or night (and they taste as good at 10:00 PM as they do at 10:00.On another episode, Carl gives directions to avoid a traffic jam caused by a fire, saying a landmark is easy to spot because it's near "a great donut shop" he frequents.Wendy Oldbag in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a security guard.Psycho Cop Returns opens with slow motion donut eating by the eponymous villain as he overhears the two of the main cast's plan for the afterwork party.