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Team names for coding contest

team names for coding contest

Cranea Crappy Raisins Crazy Cat Lady and the Puzzle Heads Crazy Robot CrazyRobot Creepius Adventure Team Creepy Monkey Cruciverbalists The Crunchberries Crypto-Fashionistas Cuatro Thinko Cultural Poncho Cylon and Garfunkel Dabney House Dang Bang Dashing Through the Snow chocolate giveaways dubai dash the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, we like.
Andalusional, the Angriest Little Warthog You Ever Saw.
Jean Paul Sartre and the Existential Crisis Jean-Paul Sartre and the Existential Crisis Jen's Team Jessie and the Rippers JJ and the Jerks Joint Venture Judean People's Front Judean Peoples' Front judean people's front Juiced Jumanji Just For the Halibut Just for the Halibut NYC.Shannon has a Posse Clearly Ambiguous Cleaver's Cretins Clueless clueless Cocoa Puffs Codex Codex Ixtlilxochitl Code Yellow Code Yellow / Snow Job Coed Astronomy Coed astronomy coed astronomy Cold Burritos Colon-Inflating Rhinoceri Comic Sans Francisco Command Line Prompts Commonwealth Condimental Bratwurst Confidential Breakfast Consumer Recreation.It's just an attempt to gather some realistic fake data for a computer program for validation (to make sure nobody enters an unwieldly team name, like, say, the complete text.Beat Poet Wizards Beeblebrox Bee Gees Beeyatches Beginner's Luck Belligerent Berkeley Badgers Beta Bots B-Factor Big Daddies Bigfield Fighting Koobish Biggest Fake Liar Bill Brasky Bioluminati BiPolar Bears the Birdie Squad Blackberry Pie Blackbird Pie Black Jelly Beanz Blind Pigs Acorns Team Blood Blood Bob.Ill Tempered Sea Bass!Clever Programming Team Names, dirty Bits, accessed Denied.130.5k Views 111 Upvotes.Picklehead and the Talking Bike Much Tensor Muffin and Fluffers Muffin Fluffers Muhuhuhahaha Mu Mu Mu Mun and Fluers MWT My spoon is too big Mystic Fish My World.0 (name unknown) Neal Eva Nekketsu High School Puzzle Solving Club Nerv cash win contest india Nevermind the Balrogs New.The Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff widow Wildcard Win, Lose, or Banana!
Dusty Heat Sink, Molten Plastic Earthquake Collaborative Eating Buildings Echo Chamber Team Ecru Edamame Edible Torus Team Egads!
The Cat is #1!
I remember people used to laugh when they ask about our team name and when they called our team name to receive our prize on the regional level.All-Volunteer Signal Corps, ambliguity, analysis Paralysis.Cup O Java, angry Nerds, int Elligence; Brogrammers, short Circuits.Check out our list below for some inspiration.Pedestrians The Pedestrians Pentropy Phantom Phoenix Phlogiston Physical Plant Picklepuss Pickles and Peaches Pinata Beaters Piranhas in a Bathtub Pirate Mojo pirate party Pisces pkkwip Plagued By Indecision Plagued by Indecision The Platonic Solids plugh PMB Poppycock Power and Glory Power Source Power Team Pretty.Central Poles Central Services West cgnu Chaos The Chaotic-Neutral Mid-Afternoon Archers What Arch at Tea-Time The Charlie Sheens Chasing Failure Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys Chilean Chasm Cannibals Chimera Chip 'n Reichen Rescue Rangers Chloe's Pooper Scoopers kaplan promo codes Team Chowder Team Chupacabra Cindy's Booze-Swilling Hedonism Cindy's Teetotal Abstemiousness.Evil League of Evil The Evil League of Evil Evil Masterminds The Evil Midnight Bombers What Bomb At Midnight Evil Wizards For A Better Tomorrow Team Extreme!