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Vhf contest frequencies

vhf contest frequencies

Many commercial HF transceivers now include the 6-meter band, as do some handheld VHF/ UHF transceivers.
Example: DL2OM-144.EDI and DL2OM-432.EDI or DL2OM-VHF.Paper logs: promo codes for nike online 2017 The following columns are required: UTC, call, RST/serial number sent, RST/serial number and category received, locator, QRB-points, remarks."maac Canadian Frequency Chart".In many countries, including the United States, access is granted to entry-level license holders.Despite support in more available radios, however, the 6-meter band does not share the popularity of amateur radio's 2-meter band.These contest events are held in January, June, and September.Deadline: Arrived at the manager until the third Monday after the contest weekend.For antennas, horizontal polarization is used for 6-meter weak signal, SSB communications using tropospheric propagation.You can help by adding.
After the war, the 5-meter band was briefly reopened to amateurs from 5660 MHz until March 1, 1946.
In 1940, television channel 2 was reallocated to 60 MHz and TV channel 1 was moved to 5056 MHz maintaining a gap for the 5-meter amateur band.
This normally occurs close to sunspot maximum, when solar activity increases ionization levels in the upper atmosphere.I never intended on keeping my score, as I was working solo and some of the contacts may come while I was moving.5660 MHz was allocated for amateur and experimental use.In order to participate, each operator must provide their callsign and grid square.Org, may 27, 2015, summer is nearly here, and that means its time for the.In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission 's (FCC) Part.215 rules regulate telecommand of model craft in the amateur service within the United States.Logging software: The following free software may be used (please use the latest version!).