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Voucher security features

voucher security features

The other kind of security thread is the single or multicolor sewing thread made from cotton or synthetic fibers, mostly UV fluorescent, for the bookbinding of passport booklets.
Some producers include multi-frequency fluorescence, such that different elements fluoresce under specific frequencies of light.
Atlanta, GA: Advantage Laser Products.When viewed via a special filter (such as a polarizer) an additional, normally latent, image appears.The main magnetic fonts (E13-B and CMC7) are downloadable for a small fee and in addition magnetic toner is available for many printers.Holograms add considerable interest and value to your voucher, as well as increased security.False-positive testing can also be done on documents other than currencies as a means to test their authenticity.When placed over the location of the image and rotated the image becomes visible.Normally, copper nike online discount code uk or zinc plates are used, and the incisions are created by etching or engraving the image, but one may also use mezzotint.Usually a marker turns newsprint black and leaves currency or specially treated areas on a document clear or gold.
Also from a security perspective, if stamped, a hologram is a superior security device as it is virtually impossible to remove from its substrate.
Numismatic design, complex fine line relief patterns can be created that are almost impossible to replicate.
For example, the system may automatically invalidate numbers which are in a range of 200-300 (e.g.
The magnetic pigments strong inherent color generally reduces the spectrum of achievable shades.
A watermark is made by impressing a water coated metal stamp or dandy roll onto the paper during manufacturing.
A thermochromic ink panel on the reverse of the voucher reacts to change colour when subjected to heat, ideal for providing instant verification of your voucher.False-positive testing generally is a one time test because once done the results remain visible so while useful as part of a coupon this technique is not suitable for ID badges for example.The quality of the void pantograph is usually quite good because it was produced on a press with a very high resolution and when only a small number of originals are to be printed it can be a cost effective solution however the advent.Our secure voucher paper and hologram add greatly to the aesthetics of your voucher and reflect the premium feel of your business.These show up as words, patterns or pictures and may be visible or invisible under normal lighting.One known example of such a system is the EURion constellation.You can confidently trust the quality and integrity of secure vouchers from Specialized Print.Some magnetic pigment are best suited for colored magnetizable inks due to their lower blackness.This allows the note to be examined for this feature, and provides opportunities to unambiguously align other features of the note to the printing.An original prescription script can be filled but a photocopy of it should not.